Marketing Section

The Section was set up with a mission of steering the Society's business growth through development and continuous reviews of business strategies, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It fosters development through the society's businesses and drives marketing activities towards promotion of products and services to both existing and potential prospective members.

The section is equally charged with the responsibility of directing external public relations and customer service activities that are meant for ensuring projection of the society's positive image as well as provision of quality customer service

The goals and guidelines set by the department are by design in line with the vision and Mission of the Sacco. The department studies the market and the members, and then determines the best way to reach these members, and work with the rest of the Sacco to help determine the new product needs of the market.

The following are core activities/responsibilities of marketing Section;

Set the strategy, plan the attack and execute
One of the key activities for the marketing section is to integrate the Sacco's goals, strengths, competitive environment, target markets, pricing and products into a marketing strategy. As part of the strategy, the marketing department develops a list of tactical ideas such as direct mail, print and electronics advertising and other strategies. With a strategy and tactical ideas in hand, the marketing department is now ready to take on the responsibility of executing the programs and initiatives to drive sales and revenue for the organization.

Member care
Marketers spend time listening to our members (and prospective members)in order to understand their needs and wants regarding a particular product or service. Soliciting thoughts and input from internal stakeholders such as sales staffs and member service staff is also necessary as this staffs are typically closest to the members.

Communicate internally
It is important that the marketing section communicates with all departments inside an organization .Since any employee (regardless of position) can support (or damage)a brand, the marketing section takes responsibility for disseminating information throughout the organization(this includes internal education and training when appropriate).